Hannity: If You Don’t Watch Fox, ‘You’re Not Nearly As Informed’

December 3, 2008

There is never any relief from misinformation coming out of the Fox Fake News organization. Those people are not sipping the Kool-aid, they are the kool-aid.   Hannity is the one of the biggest jugs of that kool-aid out there.

Let me get this straight…if I don’t watch Fox Fake News, sipping their Kool-aid, I will be ignorant? That’s not what a pew report stated.  It found that those that watched Fox came in last with having real knowledge of what is fact versus fiction.  I wonder why?  More kool-aid anyone?

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  1. When I watch Fox fake news, and it is very seldom, it informs me of how ignorant they are…..bwa Ha Ha

    That Hannity joker is a puppet for sure.

  2. WTF! Did you guys hear what Hannity said in his last part?

    “If you don’t listen to talk radio or watch Fox News channel you’re not as anywhere nearly as inform than as people that are HEARING the bumper stickers, the slogans, the snippets , the commercials of the media. ”

    So Fake News viewers hear bumper stickers and that makes them more inform?

    WTH is Hannity trying to say? That crazy people are more aware than me?

    Hannity is a retard.

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