Iraq, Broken – American Shock & Awe

December 3, 2008

For those of you that hate to confront the truth or see the ugliness going on in Iraq, please go right by this video.   It is not pretty.   We went into Iraq to remove WMDs, lie #1.  Then it became we removed a despot and want to restore stability, lie #2.  Now it’s we can’t leave until we are sure they are not vulnerable, lie #3.   It was all about oil and nothing else.

Once it was ascertain that their was no WMDs why didn’t we leave? We are still there destroying these peoples lives, bodies, spirits and homes.   It there any wonder why they have asked us repeatedly to get out?   This is our shame as a country.  This is the legacy that Bush leaves us with, while in the midst of this nonsense Bush is now (with the help of the media) trying to rewrite history?  God, Allah, Powerful one help us, for we have sinned greatly.

Iraq is our last year turkey we tried to put new stuffing in and reheat but it still had freezer burn and tasted nasty.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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