Obama, Assassination and the White Supremacist Threat

December 3, 2008

I know other news is going on but tonight I wanted to twist the subject just a bit. Yes, most of us know that President Obama met with the governors (empty headed Barbie included) to speak about fixing our country (maybe I’ll include that later).   Good.

I wanted to look at some of the problems going on with our nation. I think we need to stop pretending that the fringe, yahoos, racist, or whatever you want to call the haters of our nation do not exist.   They do exist and we do have to understand killing President Obama will eventually become their number one objective.   Fact, the more President Obama accomplish the goal of restoring our nation, the more that will make him a target.  Defeat is not something they will easily admit.  What is not funny is that every time these types of people were captured for attempting to try to kill President Obama it was down played as if they were too stupid to commit the crime. Is that why they got caught with guns and association with hate groups?

New rule about dealing with sickos need to be instituted.  We have killed off far too many of our great leaders based off of hate.  January 20, 2009 can not come soon enough.  At that time the rules will change.  No more tolerance of hate because some one does not like the direction of the government or a person’s skin color.   Come on, people want to talk about the black panthers? At least black people were being oppressed.   What the hell is the white supremacist excuse?  Black people are no longer slaves?  Enough with domestic terrorist. It’s time to close that book.

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One comment

  1. The Black Panthers were not a terrorist group or a hate group. They were form mainly to protected the blacks from the violence done by white hate groups such as the sicko KKK. There is a whole lot of mis- information about that group and the period of time around the 60″s and 70″s.

    The white surprmist has no excuse they were and are evil trying to continue the “dominate” white race with nothing but violence. The walls are closing in on these fools today.

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