Last Post of the Night: Obama Visits The Governors

December 3, 2008

Here’s President Obama meeting with the governors to instill more progress with cleaning up out nation.  Amazing, President Obama is now reaching out his hand to the governors (republicans and democrats) to fix whats wrong per each state.  This is not something that was done before.

Oh yea, Barbie used the moment for the world to remember she existed and even tried to twist it into the governors have the answers, some do.  Not her dumb butt.  That’s why we all voted for President Obama.

Ugh! She is just empty, stupid, dumb, intellectually barren, clinically unhinged, bothersome, English language challenged…oh what the heck, why must she open her mouth?   Empty headed Barbie needs to learn how to just stand there and be pretty and only speak in one liners.  Don’t speak, don’t give a person a reason to cringe (we all are not yahoos)..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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