Bush’s Biggest Regret… Iraq Intelligence Being Wrong

December 4, 2008

Isn’t it amazing how Bush is trying to rewrite history?  We must understand, per Laura, he kept us safe and, per Bush, he keep his principles.  WTF? He did not let our children die in vain in Iraq? What the hell do you call fighting a needless war, dying with honor? Give the world a break with this nonsense.

Bush’s legacy is in the toilet.   No amount of rewrite is going to make his picture pretty.  Who but Bush and his cronies was pushing an invasion into Iraq?  Remember John McCain on the Tonight show telling the world at large how Iraq was next?

Bush was and still is out of touch with the people he called himself governing.  Bush’s legacy is worst than Nixon’s.  He turned himself into a despot and now that the ride is over he and his crew of bandits are trying to spray deodorant on top of dog shit.  Good luck with that.  Last time I sniffed the poop still stinks.  If we listen to Bush though the blame belong everywhere but with him.  Talk about the captain leaving the sinking ship first, geez.

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  1. He is so pathetic, “I’m not gonna let your sons die in vain in Iraq so lets have some more of them die in Iraq” huh…..

  2. HAHAHAHAHHA I am sorry every time Bush speaks I bust out in laughter.

    Bush: God damnit Cheney I thought you said that intelligence you FABRICated was stain proof.

  3. Here are the facts….


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