Kristol didn’t I say shut up?

December 4, 2008

There is no accounting for stupid.  I know Bill Kristol wants to rewrite Bush’s history but let’s not go down the road of absolutely stupid.  Now Kristol is professing we won and now have victory in Iraq?  Come on…are the yahoos that stupid?  WTF?  I am now having a complete brain meltdown on just how stupid America is that sh*t can be shoveled at us with no regards to our even limited intelligence?

More importantly, why, why, why can’t this azzhole just shut the hell up?  Why is this right wing nut letting us know that he has completely slipped down into the rabbit’s hole?  Do you think he really believes we will follow him into the abyss?  Damn these people are insane.


One comment

  1. Kristol really should be fired from doing his column in the New York Times. He has said some really stupid things lately, like giving the Medal of Freedom to those who committed torture. They should be put in jail, not rewarded. He is an absolute idiot.

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