Another Big three (3) Auto Bailout Hearing

December 5, 2008

I’m just not down with letting one of the few American manufacturing industry die.  The disparity between a worker driven industry versus a financial industry is disgusting.   This is not to excuse the CEOs (they suck and were just as greedy).  I know the republican politicians are ready to sink the industry (If you’re a union then you’ve got to go in their eyes.  After all let’s model all industries after Wall-Mart.  It’s all about the rich — F-the people) but 3 million jobs in this economy? What the hell is wrong with these people? Don’t give me the bankruptcy angle.  The only thing bankruptcy is going to do is hurt the workers (a republican politician’s wet dream) .

— The company can tear up any existing union contract it likes. Say goodbye, UAW.

— It can wipe out all its existing pension plans.

…,the United Airlines example, but neglects to mention that one of the really pernicious effects of that bankruptcy was how it utterly destroyed the company’s pension system. There was a huge human toll paid, with 9/11 widows among the victims.

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