Daily Show | Clusterf#@k to the Poor House Bean on a Plate Edition

December 5, 2008

Morning sunshine.  What better way than to start the day with a little satire.  Here’s another take on the auto industry.  You know that last frontier of American manufacturing that some politicians are hard pressed to let survive.   No surprise there since 95% of America’s manufacturing has been sent outside of our country.

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  1. Bwah Ha ha. Got my day off right with this..So much truth in the humor

    Don’t forget one of the Big three also has a big plant in Brazil (in fact all of them have plants in foreign countries). Nothing against Brazil, but this is US tax payers money and it is quite evident that these companies are abandoning plants in the US. Is the tax payers money going to be sent their (rumors are circulating that they are)?? Where is the oversite thus far in any of these bailouts. …….Would you buy a used car from any of these creeps called the CEO”s of the auto industry.

  2. Thanks for the laugh.

    I’m going to be highly irritated if we hand out another trillion gazillion dollars without CEO’s having to do or alter anything.

  3. Please steadycat do not help my rage over the BS bailout come to the surface. I am sick of Bush, sick of congress, sick of the senate and sick of all the CEOs forever playing these political games. Every one of the companies that is getting our money need to have a detailed plan on how they plan to go forward (that especially is inclusive of the banking industry). I do not want to hear Paulson ever speak again (or Bush).

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