Please, just cut the crap

December 5, 2008

Every time I speak or read anything from a right wing nut they make the following foolish statements regarding gay people:

  • Homosexuality is something relatively new
  • Homosexuality is a sin and a temptation to be avoided.

Cut the crap, you sexually repressed bastards.  Homosexuality has been around since the dawn of recorded history.  If going to war to terrorize, destroy, mutilate, and dispirit a third world country is not sin (Iraq) then damn it to hell neither is homosexuality.

gay-basher-1Now, crack pot Donnie Osmond has put his foot into it with his vitriol BS post.  Some where in between talking about how everyone are free agents to make their own choices Donnie sinks into the illogical.  In the next breath everyone loses that freedom since the Mormon Church has spoken and has listed what those free rights are.  What nonsense.  Reality check, please.  Let’s face the fact, Donnie Boy, you have no free choice if some one else must dictate what your personal rights are.  You only have Mormon rights.

Did I fail to mention how much Donnie loves his gay friends?  Oh yes indeed, since the Mormons have told him so.  Of course his gay friends are immoral whore-sluts (I think Donnie just lost some friends).  As usual, when it comes to a religious nut, it always pays to show God’s love while spitting vile insults.  That strategy has worked so well throughout time.  Duh?

Needless to say, I would probably become paralyzed from shock if I saw a religious nut expressing any form of real Godly love, that is not tainted and painted per some bigoted organization.  Did I mention how much I despise religious bigots?  No?  Okay that’s another story down the line.

Enough said.



  1. Bravo. I couldn’t have said it better myself. The hypocrisy from these religious bigots is rather disgusting.

  2. Donnie Osmond is a Mormon idiot. He and his family are Mormons (he has a least 15 brothers and sisters), but their is something I just don’t get with Mormons.

    They are so against gay marriage for the sake of traditional marriage, but polygamy and divorce are no big deal to them.

    Don’t that stuff go against traditional marriage?

    I wonder what Donnie feel towards his divorce sister Mary Osmond?

  3. I meant Marie Osmond.

  4. Reading your post, I again see that we’re “cut from the same bolt of cloth”. I totally agree with you regarding religious bigots!

    While I was working overseas, it was those from within my own ranks that were the problem….and I don’t just mean once or twice and in only one location. It was over a span of 30 years and across four continents.

    Then to top it all off…when I returned home permanently, I got told I was not a “real Christian” due to my radically changed political beliefs. It didn’t take long to see that my “friends”…were no friends at all.

    I wish I had the words to express my dismay at the “so called” Christian right wing…they have wounded more people with their words and actions…than bullets ever could. It’s one thing to kill the body…but a different thing to kill the soul.

    Keep up the great work.



  5. I challenge any gay bashing religious nut job to find in the Bible specific statements that call the gay lifestyle an sin. Is there a commandment, THOUGH SHALT NOT BE GAY?? They are good at spinning some verses into what they want them to say on this and many other subjects. The facts are there is NONE. 99.9% of protestant and catholic churches are gay bashers and haters (not only gays but any body that does bow down to the way and everything that is taught) They exclude gays from being members or any other “important” positions in the church.

    Very good article… keep fighting for the truth Iris

  6. After reading this a couple of times…. well I guess I’m gonna have to use it on TIP. It needs more exposure. :)Great peice of writing girl.


  7. Great point Heavenly, don’t you know that these religious bigots can’t do anything wrong?

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