Keith Hall: One of the worst job reports

December 6, 2008

Reality time.   In the month of November we lost 533,000 jobs.  We are constantly standing on the brink of falling into the abyss of total economic collapse. Yet only today have Bush been able to acknowledge that we are in a recession.  In his world of delusion, it did not matter that we have been in a recession for over a year.

In the midst of Bush’s total neglect of his country, every one from democrats, a few republicans, pundits and any other person that can get heard is screaming for President Obama to take control.   However, short of a military coup there is really nothing President Obama can do.

Dammit, he’s still not our President yet. The outrage should be strictly poured all over Bush with his new philosophy that confirms he has completely checked out.  I am not buying into the conservative story of how lost, how sad and Bush’s lack of having a mandate has caused him to check out.

I’m the middle class in live in the world of if you do not do your job you get fired.  Bush not doing his job is beyond acceptable.  Save the pity party for after he is gone.  The only thing Bush’s inactivity is soliciting is rage for his laziness.

What does the media want to talk about?  Bush’s tattered legacy and his lame duckness.  Screw that, his legacy is that he failed to be the president when it counted. Trust me for the next 40+ more days this subject will be active (if we survive the tsunami of our economic melt down) .

In this video I strongly appreciate Cummings honesty in trying to get Hall to just answer the damn question; but, excuse me while I do not change the subject,  Bush is writing his legacy? I hope he doesn’t forget to put this part in…how he made sure the American people suffered due to his intellectual laziness, flawed philosophy and total disconnect with the American people’s needs.  Screw Iraq, what about his own damn country?

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One comment

  1. Umm what happen to those supposedly 2 million jobs Bush created? Oh yea, those people been lad off already.

    Who knew that those jobs were only good for a short time (only during Bush’s presidency).

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