Nate Silver vs. John Ziegler

December 6, 2008

I just love when the wing nut tribe gets together to sip the kool-aid (Sean Hannity and John Ziegler).  Once again Nate Silver takes on the task of trying to explain to the utterly delusional Ziegler the fallacy of his skewed poll.  I basically agree with Nate’s analysis.  Any one can skew the questions in a poll to slant the out come.

After round two Nate comes out a winner.  In essence Nate has it oh so right.  Who cared about Ayers, or gaffes or any of the other non consequential BS McCain was stomping on? When it comes to Barbie she made her own missteps that made her seem incoherent (although she really is incoherent) and McCain’s camp did not make things better by hiding her away which only feed into the public’s interest.  I don’t think you can blame the media for Barbie’s failures.  Whether people like Ziegler or other media types know it or not, what most people remember the most about the election is that it was about the issues.

As for Nate being willing to take on John…well, trust me it is not easy to talk to members from the tribe.  All that self righteousness gets all in the way and then they get loud, start insulting the other person, bragging on their own greatness, thinking they can dictate the terms of how the other party responds, blah, blah, blah.

Ziegler is a clown and his poll has no purpose but to make the right wing nuts feel better — they just can not get over their own irrelevance.  I can not believe these people are still crying over a lost cause.

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