The Big Auto (3) Three

December 6, 2008

It was reported shortly ago that congress is going to rescue the big three.  They have indicated that a vote will take place next week.  A sum was not given, what is known is that they will at least give the Big (3) Three enough money to keep them in business until President Obama takes control of the white house.

At the same time tonight the current secretary (Paulson) has been in talks with President Obama’s people to free up more of the bailout.  I can only wonder how the timing of the Big Auto (3) Three bailout news came out while those talks are developing.  I will offer a video as some as I can access one covering this news.

Let’s hope this is not a sell out.  No more access to money for the financial institutions alone.  Check back on this page for video.

More to say on this subject.

UPDATE:  Here’s the video as promised regarding Congress agreeing to helping the Big Auto (3) Three:

UPDATE 2:  As I’m reading the Huffington Post about Bush claiming some form of victory about the auto bailout I must laugh.  Who the hell is Bush?  It was reported that Bush stated that one of the three would not survive since he only agreed on half the money they requested (can you hear him laughing?).

President George W. Bush warned that at least one of the Big Three carmakers might not survive the current economic crisis.

What a prick Bush is.  Does he really think he can pay the American people back for his own incompetence?  Is he so absolutely stupid he thinks  he can destroy us by doing everything in his power to undermine us with deregulating so many laws and playing cheapskate on our economy?  Let me get vocal.  Bit#h, you have less than 2 months to vacate the premises.  This is not a transition of power.  This is a get the eff out of the house wait period.  I know he has every right wing nut telling him we will remember you well.  Let me put it in terms of the 70+% that really want you gone, GET OUT QUICKLY.   Trust me, If we knew of a way to kick you out (short of impeachment — which is way to late) now we would.  Only know that you are hated and despised no matter how many of your 20+%t right wing nuts sing your praises.

Dear Bush you are a dismal failure and I will make sure, until the day I die which will be carried forward by my children and their children, that the fact that you are and will be noted as a failure becomes a part of your legacy.  Sincerly, an American tax payer.


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  1. You go girl 🙂

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