Bush and the Media

December 7, 2008
Bush's Bullshit Exit Interviews

Bush's Bullshit Exit Interviews

I spent this Sunday in great expectation of seeing the news shows eviscerate Bush over his BS exit interviews.  Was I in for a surprise, not only was Bush’s exit interviews not a subject on any of the Sunday shows, it was pretty much not mentioned.  This was the only exception where there was in mentioned of Bush in regards to Iraq on Fox Fake News Sunday with Chris Wallace coming from Condoleezza Rice, who only makes a sorry attempt to make what we did to be in the long run a benefit (even though in reality it is not one now).  At least she didn’t take out Bush’s Etch-A-New-Reality paint set.

Hillary Clinton being the Secretary of State (old as that news is) got more air time.  My shock was in line with unf’ing believable.  No one was willing to challenge Bush stating that he had faulty intelligence?  His information did not come from Mars; it came from his own administration!  No one in the media found fault with that analogy?

I can not be the only one that heard how Bush bent reality to come up with an outrageous picture of what led us into Iraq.  At no time was Bush at fault?  Oh no, it was a mix of faulty intelligence (WMD) and the fact that Saddam was a despot (killer of his people).

That’s right people, let’s just cut out the part about us being their for the damn oil.  Let’s forget that it was Bush trying to fight his daddy’s war.  While we’re at it, let’s forget all our loved one that are lost, crippled, maimed or mentally disable.  Why not go one step further and forget the billions of dollars it cost to maintain that needless war.

Granted there are those out there in media land that acknowledge Bush has already checked out so why should the media bother?  I’ll give the most important and only reason why,  Bush is still the president and checking out is not an option.  The fact that the media does not goad Bush, via ridicule, to do his damn job is unacceptable.  Just like with Iraq, the media is turning a blind eye to the truth and rather spend their time trying to force the issue of President Obama having a say in what is going on.  Who…who…who is going to remove Bush and Cheney from the white house for President Obama to step in?  The media?  Bush or Cheney?  Congress?  Let’s cut the nonsense, no one is forcing Bush or Cheney out of the White House.  We are many things as a nation, but we are not in the business of removing current presidents without at least an impeachment.

The media’s lack of reporting on the shit Bush just shoveled at us during the course of last week called his exit interviews should have been cut up, diced, examined in minuscule pieces and reconstructed by the truth of the past (reality).  That the media is still wearing Bush’s boot print on their ass for not investigating more thoroughly why we were in Iraq only highlights their culpability by now not questioning Bush’s colorful recollection of what did lead us into Iraq.

For the media to act as if any of the BS Bush was feeding the public for the sake of his legacy is appalling.  That the media is not taking the initiative and reporting these ‘exit interviews’ with an in depth search light, that was not applied when we went into Iraq, just perpetuate the distrust the general public has in regard to the media’s reporting ethnics.  I would expect no less from Fox Fake News, the NY Post or the WSJ; but what about the rest of the industry?

That the media is willing to not confront the issue that Bush is not even politely lying but is recreating reality in front of our very eyes is pathetic.  That Bush pretends that he brought peace to the Middle East?  WTF?  Now would be the time for the media to rise up and remove the shame of having been duped by the very same person.

The Rude Pundit puts it so much more elegantly.  Read it here (Strong language).

Not enough said.


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