Gen. Shinseki as Secretary of Veterans Affairs

December 7, 2008

Here’s one, a kick in the teeth for all the wing nut tribe members who keep harping on how President Obama is going to continue Bush’s policies. President Obama made Gen. Shinseki the new Secretary of Veterans.  For those that don’t know the history, to summarize, it turns out that before we occupied Iraq Gen. Shinseki proposed that it would take several hundred thousand men to accomplished our goal.

That estimation did not sit will with Donald, know the F-everything, Rumsfeld, former Sec. of Defense.  Shortly there after Gen. Shinseki was kicked out of his post.  Ironically, Gen. Shinseki was correct in his estimation on how many troop members such an audacious occupation would required.

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To read more on the smear job done on Gen. Shinseki go here.



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  2. This guy is a one of Obama’s best appointments.

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