Evangelist Alamo abused Young Girls

December 8, 2008

tony_alamoHere we go again, one of my pet peeves, more “Christian molesters.” Three girls in Little Rock Ark. told FBI agents that the Founder Tony Alamo, 74, of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries had sexually abused and threatened them that “someone would take care of them if they talked.”  Alamo was reported to have started having sex  with girls as young as 7 years old.  Photos of the girls naked were found when they were 9 and 11 years old.  The FBI took thirty juveniles (bringing the total to 32) and placed them in protective custody.  Alamo was arrested 5 days after the raid in Arizona.

Before the raid, FBI agent M. Randall Harris filed an affidavit describing information he said he received in interviews with three girls who had lived at the compound and from a confidential informant.

One girl, now 17, said Alamo molested her when she was 8 and she and the minister “exchanged wedding vows” May 17, 2000, when she was 9.

She said Alamo told her he was “trying to not make her a virgin any longer,” the affidavit said. Alamo raped the girl then told her to “clean herself up,” according to the document.

The girl also said Alamo took pictures of her naked and she saw similar photos of other girls that Alamo had taken. She said he made her watch pornographic movies in his bedroom to show her how to perform oral sex, the affidavit said.

Tony Alamo remains jailed in Arkansas, awaiting trial in February”.

The protestant church is indulging in the same debacle as the catholic church, child molestation. These situations are the equivalent of law enforcement breaking the law. These sicko’s know better.  They preach against sin but continuously commit the same offense over and over.  Sure nobody is perfect but there is no excuse for this type of abuse.  Yet, there they are screaming about the sins of other religions and gay people with complete piety.

haggardThis reminds me of Ted Haggard.  Haggard was a gay basher and gay hater and was also the President of the Evangelical Association .  But the truth?  In his private life his own gay relationship was exposed, as well as his participation in the purchase of methamphetamine, a dangerous drug. What other hypocritical immoral and illegal things are going on in churches today?  Where’s Ted Haggard now?  Now he’s crying about how he was abused as a child and that’s why he strayed from Gods loving arms.  Please.

I certainly don’t wish the man ill, but I just don’t buy it. A person doesn’t just engage in gay sex out of the blue and then go back to normal again with some help. I believe Ted Haggard is gay and living in denial. Moreover, I think his wife is also living in denial about his sexuality. You don’t just suddenly go on a weekend bender and have sex with a male prostitute if you’re straight.

There is so much corruption and greed in the church’s leadership today.  Generally, most of the time, such corruption is swept under the rug as with the Haggard incident.  Focus on the Family leader, James Dobson can not comment since there is a gag order in place.  Almost makes me wonder if the gag order was put in placed by Focus on the Family?  These public figures want money, power and prestige with their exalted positions; but, when they are found out to be just another hypocrite they turn to the privacy act (hm… sounds a little bit like empty headed Barbie and her pregnant daughter, no?).

These religious leaders pretend to be like the flock that is in sin; but, of course, with a little bit more righteousness — above the fray so to speak.  Well the writing is on the wall for the state of affairs of our country’s religious institutions.  They have sent out the message of do as I say, not as I do and don’t expect me to do the things I preach that you must do to enter the kingdom, just a few too many times.  Another example is when they state that they, as ministers of God, are above the rules and are perceptually in god’s favor?  WTF?  But for the regular sinner then they twist the script (or Bible) and will tell us that we are sinners and condemned by God if we do anything that they don’t like — it does not have to be a horrendous sin such as child molestation to find ourselves condemned by these walking BS theological hypocrites.

Usually no remorse is shown by these hypocritical fools.  Their friends and peers also have nothing but excuses for their actions.  Usually after they shun that person and make sure that person becomes the equivalent of the plague (unless there sin is forgivable in time of course).  Follow ups on these type of stories are hard because they literally dissolve under the prayer cloths of the church, unless of course they come back into the fold such as Haggard and then you still don’t know the truth.

We will close this post with the great Phil Collins singing “Jesus He Knows Me.”

Written by:   ggita32, author of “The Internet Post” and Chamay0.



  1. Here is a great video to go along with our great article.

  2. Wow you guys teamed up together? Great post.

    Of course if they (the religious nuts) say they are conservatives (like most of these hypocrites are) we most pity them or some sh*t they always say.

    When will people stop being afraid and open their eyes to these con artists.

  3. Thanks Heavenly,

    I just grabbed the news, Iris did the professional stuff on this one…pictures, grammer, spell check ( all the stuff that i drag my feet on ) and put her touch to it. She deserves the most on this one for sure. She’s the best. Hope to do much more with her in the future.


  4. Thanks to both of you. Don’t let him fool you Heavenly. He had did most of the work and I came a long and played editor. We both are proud of this one and will be doing more in the future.

  5. This is a good post. This is an issue that really gets me riled…people pretending to be “good Christians” and then really being hypocritical and dangerous child molestors. Scott Peck wrote a book called “People of the Lie”. In it, he said that the most dangerous people in the world are the ones who present themselves as being good people and then purposely harm others and don’t seem to care. Because they present as “good” people, they are able to hide their evil doings and they also suck in unwitting victims. These con artists should spend their lives in jail with no possibility of parole. What they do to children is a life sentence…and they usually do it to many children, not just one.

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