I see everybody is rewriting history

December 9, 2008

Since Bush is getting the boot (about F-time) the GOP’s new trend is to rewrite history.  Okay, let’s see how much that strategy pays off in the era of  information.  Not.  Sort of like Bush and his GOP revisionist trying to reconstruct actual history with the Iraq war.

Now Newt Gringrich is rewriting is history.  He forgot that some of was there on November 14, 2008 (not even a distant memory) and heard his claim that there was a gay and secular fascism in this country.  But now, now he claims he was making that statement narrowly.

I thought the fact that O’Reilly played unedited the entire walking interview with Hertzberg—who is a total jerk—was just funny. If you go back and look at what I said, it was a very narrowly focused reference to people who were invading churches and in one case surrounding a 65-year-old person and harassing her about wearing a cross.or they believe in using the law to force you to change who you are. And I’m opposed to fascism of any kind. Now, in my judgment, people who do that are fascists. And whether they are fascists on the right or fascists on the left, they’re fascists, because they believe in imposing their views on you, outside the law,

When does the BS stop?


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  1. Chamay, Even tho I’m a Republican (not a Bush republican)….when talking about rewriting history, I found this report by Rachel Maddow on Bush Rewriting History on target here:

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