Last Post of the night: My Turn…

December 9, 2008

This is my last post of the night.  Yes, I’m tired and must go to bed early.  But before I do,  I could not let this particular subject just go unnoticed.  There will be no pictures, videos, or links.  You want to know further, go fish.  It is a tiresome report that is currently being called fact.  It is time I confronted it and be done with it .   That said, please read the following:

I, for one, am getting tired of listening to the media and those in the [extreme] progressive left complain about President Obama.  No, I am not sure who they all are; especially since it is coming from the GOP talking point media (including MSNBC).  But I do know the issue is gaining traction and some of the more verbal (real progressives I don’t know) are coming out of the closet.

I am getting tired of listening to how all of a sudden Hillary Clinton is center right?  WTF?  When she was just a president’s wife she was a foe to fight for her wanting to make health care available for all Americans.  Oh yes the right wing, listening to their GOP leaders, were too dumb to know the benefit of health care, got in an uproar over her audacity.  Then Hillary was being branded as way too progressive.  Now she’s center right?

Why is the left letting the media play them?  I do not have all the degrees that some of the progressive have but I’m not getting played by the media?  They have been arguing this issue about the liberal side being upset with President Obama way before we ever had a reason to be upset.  Now, because President Obama did not elect some of the reported left’s personal favorites some progressive want to act like he has not put any progressives in his cabinet?  Let me also point out Biden who has also put progressives in his cabinet as well (remember him?).  Why are the progressives allowing the media to goad them?  They have been screaming since the election that we are center right.  Now you believe them that so is President Obama?  Give me a break.  I’ve never pictured him as an extremist, but center right?  Please.

Everyone knew President Obama was going to put republicans in his cabinet but now that he has put republicans in his cabinet, the media is acting like  any one that is not a republican is suppose to be center right?  This is stupid.  Why is the left letting the media make them into fools?  Do you want them to decrease his mandate via us?  For real?

Sure one of President Obama’s advisers came out and wrote a very stupid article for the Huffington Post.  Yes it could have used a lot more fineness, but I refuse to read it with contempt towards the left.

There was a certain amount of honesty about focusing on the real issues that are currently at hand.  Yes, I admit his post was just a bit dismisses and bordered on arrogance; but, he did point out some of the real obvious issues.  Gates is only in his position for a year and then who?

From my perspective Obama is the change agent and who he surrounds his self with is secondary.  To stay on this steady beat of who he must appoint is getting tiresome.

I can fully understand campaigning against names that surface that were 100% with Bush’s agenda, fine, fight the good fight.  But everybody that does not meet who we think deserve the post?  It is getting to the point the progressives that President Obama did appoint is not good enough.

This is getting way out of hand.  Did we vote for President Obama or who he would hire?  Did we believe in him or who he would appoint that we desire?  It’s coming to the point that if people are feeling this strongly then they need to run for office.

Why is the mysterious left (I’m still trying to find out who they are) putting a cog in the wheel of meeting the objective of turning politics around?  Obama is progressive, but he is also a pragmatic.  As well as a realist.  He needs to get us out of this mess with the best of the best, no matter what their political affiliation.  Do you really want him to be a one term trick pony?

Stop boiling over BS and start thinking about after this mess.  The stupid wing nut tribe needs trust and President gave them some by who they think are republicans.  President Obama need people that can see where the problems lie and understand the progressive vision.  I’m sure these people know there time is limited and probably want to go down in history with assisting in getting us out of this mess, so what?  Summers?  Gates? all the rest?  So what?  Give them their time to repair their own legacy — except Bush or Cheney.  Where’s the harm?  Is it that you do not believe President Obama did not speak to them about his vision before allowing them to say or become a part of his agenda?  Are you stupid are what?  There is no other person like President Obama.  After 8 years of Bush trust me those that did not believe are eager to  get on President Obama’s band wagon.

Final analysis, stop it, just stop it.  Do not let the GOP driven media use you with their BS of pretending President Obama has another agenda.

Enough said.


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  1. I am seeing the same things. I refuse to accept or report the attacks from the media on Barack Obama’s appointments so far. He has not even had a chance to prove himself a leader. Times are surely tough but god damn give him a chance. Constant unwarranted bitching will do us more harm than at least trying to pull together. This maybe the last chance to bring back what this country has to offer & wash out the debacle that is currently in our face.The media seems to forget the sorry F-up choice we fought against to get Obama in. Keep shouting the truth Iris, please keep shouting the truth….

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