Disregarding Fitzgerald’s warning, media use Blagojevich scandal to engage in guilt-by-association against Obama

December 10, 2008

I’ve only been home for an hour and can clearly see where the message is heading.  The TV cable news station are catering to the wing nut tribe big time.  I am really tired of listening to this crap.   For quite some time I have been posting about the GOP looking for President Obama to answer to them and/or apologize.   I am utterly sick of it.

Why should Obama apologize for living in Chicago? Why does he need to explain his nonexisting relationship with the Governor of Illinois?  Last time I checked the GOP did not give a damn about President Bush apologizing for one damn thing he has or has not done to the detriment of the whole damn country.   Bush is busy rewriting history and what is the media doing?  Either being silent or putting the spin about how in 5 or 10 years from now Bush will be vindicated. The GOP is not touching the subject at all.

I hope with all my heart, once again, President Obama gives them no satisfaction.   I know when he has a press conference the media will be chopping at the bit to ask him every question coming straight from the GOP’s mouth. I find the GOP’s whole sanctimonious BS repugnant at best. Where was the hoopla over Ted Stevens?   My goodness they gave the man a rousing send off even after he had been convicted.  At least the democrats believe in prosecuting their criminals, not give them standing ovations.

Please if there is any one listening steer President Obama in the direction to not give them (the media and the damn GOP) any satisfaction.  F##k them.

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Update: Here’s my proof that democrats are more interested in getting our crooks out, read the story here.  I don’t think the gov. of Illinois should be looking for any happy send off from the democratic party.  Hell, Blagojevich’s Deputy Governor quit to get away from the stink.


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  1. Girl I know what you mean. Where was the scrutiny with Palin and her mentor/convicted criminal Teddy boy. The Republicans can get away with things with only a slap on the hand while Demarcates have to go through loops even on speculations.

    I kind of feel bad for the people of Illinois. Other states and their politicians are looking down on them over a handful of losers. Every state have their crooks and saints Illinois is no different. I also dislike that they are making it a Chicago thing when it’s not.

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