Fannie/Freddie CEOs: Poor People Didn’t Cause Crisis

December 10, 2008

What??!!  The minorities didn’t do it.  Some body call the KKK, call the skin heads, call the wing nut tribe, call the GOP, dammit, call Joe Scarborough.  This is so utterly wrong.  Only the minorities could have caused the home mortgage melt down.  Some one get me a hankie.  Fox Fake News informed me this was true!   How could it have been the middle class or the much better off?  Get me somebody from the wing nut tribe NOW.

How pathetic and tiresome that we have to listen to the GOP’s constant lies. Get ready people, the wing nut tribes will start beating the drums and start committing intellectual violence about this real soon.  Conspiracy 101 — the media did it.

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One comment

  1. Yeh the big lie is that these freaking mortgage companies were forced to lend money to minorities. What BS. The loans made out to people that are getting forclosed on now was nothing more than the mortgage companies blowing the housing and construction industry into the bubble that is busting today. And what happened to the help to poor people today. If it was to help poor and minorities, they sure as hell have pulled the rug out from underneith them. The lie is hypocrital to start with.

    Thanks for the much need exposure on this lie. Again girl you know I think your the best. Much love to you…..

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