Bargin Holiday Shopping….

December 11, 2008

Okay shoppers, like me, who have to watch what we spend.  There is a serious sell going on.  The McCain/empty headed Barbie Palin fire sale is going on now.  You know how these sales go.  You need to get their quickly.  You can pick up a lot of stuff for the failed campaign at 36% off.  Hey, just check out the list.

– A Dell Latitude D620 laptop for $417.00.
– A Dell Latitude D820 laptop for $570.00.
– Brother multifunction printer for $189.00.
– RIM Blackberry 8700c for $30.00.
– Folding chairs for $3.60 each.
– A 55-cup steel coffee urn for $77.00.
– A power strip for $1.
– Ethernet cables for $1 a pound.

Some of these offering should be able to fulfill your computer geeks needs.  Come on.  A RIM Blackberry?  Okay I’m not sure how up to date the products are but if you are low on money, it is well worth checking out.  Don’t have cash?  Hey they accept credit cards and checks.

Don’t worry, Andrew Freeman said the sale is not limited to campaign members.  That means us.   Sorry for you empty headed Barbie shoppers, her stuff is not on sale.  You will have to wait for the RNC’s fire sale.

Bad news for fashionistas hoping to buy a keepsake from Sarah Palin‘s infamous $180,000 extreme makeover paid for by the Republican National Committee: There’s none of that for sale at McCain-Palin headquarters.


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