Last Post of the Night: Chuck Norris and his Fantasy Victory taking place in Iraq

December 11, 2008

chuck-strikes-again1As my partner, Chamay0, and I looked over a few articles for jointly reporting, this one really caught my eye.  Once again, Macho man Chuck Norris is voicing utter nonsense.  He has declared that George W. has produced some sort of victory in Iraq? Really?  Let me check…okay, I’m still in America.

Coming from the man who wrote a post that President Obama needed to quote the constitution like the Bible, while turning a blinds eye to Bush’s destruction, what could we really expect?  He declared that the media has ignored, for the most part, the success in Iraq.  Certainly it is probably true that the media has neglected reporting the true depth of the war we are fighting, but the reason for the silence is probably more in line with the fact that there really is no success.  Check it here, here and here.  Of course there is the fact that if it is not reported on the major network channels we as Americans are not listening.  Plus it does not help that a lot of newspaper put that sort of news in little tiny dismissive articles buried within their papers.

Let’s face it, there is no real oversight, as Chuckie states in his post, in the reporting regarding the Iraq war.   But not as Chuckie wants us to believe — we are really doing so wonderful.  Its more or less because Iraq continues to be a disaster.  Why do we continue to allow the media to barely report the news concerning the war?  Simply because the economy has taken priority over Iraq.   Let’s be honest, while we are burning like Rome, so to speak, who the the hell really cares how Iraq — short of how many American people are dying — is faring?  Iraq has been the same old story of death and destruction for so long that we have become numb to the reports.  Now that a more tangible entity have invaded our lives, the economy, we all virtually ignore what is going on in Iraq.  Unless you have a personal love one involved, Iraq really does not catch the attention of some one who is slowly starving, lost their home, need a job, etc.   Yes, we all once in a while hear reports about bombing or deaths, but since it mostly does not concern Americans dying we turn our backs while dealing with the pressures of what is our own dire circumstances.

The economics disaster facing our nation and the world has been brought about in a large part by the unlimited spending of money in military actions in Iraq and other middle eastern countries.  I’m sure some of you should not be surprised by that news.   The figures at this time for human life in Iraq is over 1.2 million deaths and economically speaking close to costing us  $610 billion.  Of course those figures do not concern good old Chuckie.  He has a right wing nut agenda to enforce.  For people like Chuckie, the economy and unemployment are of no concern.  After all, if you look hard enough (or stretch the truth) you’ll probably find a scripture that condones economic depression and unemployment (right).

Who is Chuckie kidding with his “testimony of the eradication of Al Queda from Iraq?”  That whole premise is just as imaginary as his entire post.  Al Queda is an imaginary terrorist group?  To this day Al Queda has been proven nothing more than a group of thugs who’s past has been proven to be linked to Bush, the CIA, and Mossad.  Let’s stop and pause and get Chuckie’s message straight.  While the war in Iraq has given Iran power and Al Queda more strength in other regions we should applaud the war becomes 1.2 million Americans and Iraqi citizens have died?  And, the fact that we didn’t get the oil contracts.

Even if Al Queda was what Chuckie claimed it to be, then the current Al Queda resistance comes from the American tyranny that uses fighter planes and unmanned drones to go into the cities of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and bomb and kill innocent people.  I think we call that collateral damage.  While we are searching for “terrorists” we just happen to bomb over 900 thousands  innocent citizens?  And that’s Iraq alone.

Common sense  and logic should dictate that there will be groups of “terrorist” grown in response to the continued unwarranted attacks on the citizen in the middle east by our country.  This is the success that Chuckie is referring to?  Success is now categorized as indiscriminately firing missiles at targets with no concern to who is maimed or killed?  Now we have equated progress in Iraq to be defined as destruction of anything in the way at any cost?  Success is also how many enemy “combatants” we have captured tortured and prosecuted.  Remember, the US military — via the Bush doctrine — currently has the final word on who and what the terrorist is and what they have done that make them terrorist.

But, if we believe that the surge has worked, then we would have totally examine how it worked and what it has done to call it something that have worked.  Let’s also remember that Bribes, death and/or torture were the tools used to get the locals in Iraq to submit agree to work in cooperation with America.

Yet, while reading Chuckie’s post I wondered why he did not address the fact that George W. admitted to poor intelligence leading to the reasons that we started the war with Iraq in the first place?  Did Chuckie write his post before the rewriting of Bush’s history Bust’s exit interviews?  Yes he did.  But I’m sure that would be of no importance because the the only thing that is important to Chuckie is his fantasy of the victory in Iraq.  Never mind that general Petraeus declared victory could not be reached in Iraq.  Chuckie let us know tht he visited Iraq back in 2007 and he saw the signs of success.  Praise God, we have victory.  Per Chuckie, the death rate is down to 10 a day versus 50 a day.  I kinda suspect Chuckie is not including the Iraqi people in his estimation of the death rate.   After all Chuckie did note that only Fox Fake News dare to report the truth.  Kool-aid any one?

I have found it disappointing but not surprising that with Chuck Norris and the resources he could have access to but did not use, would have tried to do better that this.  But then I remembered his past affiliation with the religious right and a conversion to Christianity.   After all his new book, “Black belt Patriotism”, says a lot about his state of mind:  Wing nut tribe here I am.

Story by Tom of “The Internet Post” and Chamay0


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