Courage Campaign | Repeal Prop 8: Thank Jon Stewart

December 11, 2008

I loved this.  How dare Huckabee pretend that gay sexuality is a choice and religion is something much higher?   Oh really?  No, we have way too many religions and it is a choice.  Just like bigotry.  I agree with Jon, you can not trust the voters of one state.  Huckabee lost because of the voters, so he should not be preaching from that pulpit (plus the fact that he represent the fringe without the obnoxious tag of being a racist.).

If sexuality is a choice then when did Huckabee chose not to not to be gay? A question he did not answer I will note. This whole premise of pick and chose which part of the Bible to highlight opposition is stupid.

What’s up with I believe in Jesus but I plan to use the old testament to make my case? Jesus is all about the new testament. Not the old. Oh screw this…we are all equal.  I am sick of the Bible thumpers for their reason why.  For things like war, hate, division, anti-abortion, death penalty and so much more.  I do not want to spend my life with other people I don’t even know all making my decisions about my personal private life.

I want to live my life appreciating my beliefs but not letting it get to the point I can not grow and learn how to love one another.

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  1. 1point for common sense/ 0 points for conservatism bullsh*t.

    You go John Steward with your bad self.

    This whole “traditional marriage” movement is over a word when people are fighting to have their lives to be recognize and to have the same benefits like everyone else?

    *Sigh* the stupidity of it all.

  2. This is the precise point to why I don’t practice or believe Christianity. They tell you what to do and think….If you do the wrong thing, think the wrong thought, your outta here…. too much for me. I’ve been condemned to hell a long time ago according to most of today’s churches. To damn confusing….

  3. And for Huckabee talking down on gays… BWAH HA HA HA

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