Morning Joe Madness

December 11, 2008

The race is still on.  Should President Obama say more.  Hell yea says Pat Buchanan.  He’s got to explain his self so says the whole panel.  They’re not saying President Obama has done anything wrong, they don’t think that.  No.

No of course not, its just fun to act like he did while pretending you’re trying to serve the public’s interest.  BS.   This is why we don’t like republicans.  This crap about guilt by association seems to only apply to democrats.  Why the tepid response when empty headed Barbie was dancing in the street with Ted Stevens?  At least the Governor of Illinois hasn’t been found guilty yet.

Please President Obama just give them your azz to kiss.  Let them swirl with their righteous anger over your go to hell answers, please.  The way they act just reminds us all so well of their BS conservative values (them against us).



  1. It’s a statistical improbability that Obama’s hands are completely clean regarding Blagovitch, Rezko, Jackson Jr. and others. Obama grew up in the corrupt IL political cesspool and was successful in it. Such success would be extremely difficult to achieve without joining in the corruption.

    Given that Obama has stocked his team with other alumni of the IL – especially Chicago – political machine, he should be more transparent about things involving this arrest. Instead he gives conflicting and evasive non-answers.

    Such obfuscation is NOT going to make the problem go away. It is only going to cloud his administration and increase the level of divisiveness in the US.

    On the other hand, if Obama is corrupt so what? He’s a politician! None of them are going to Heaven.

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  5. Sorry friend, I had to work late last night and was busy making up time posting today. Did not forget. Having said that, let’s go.

    I might have had a shred of believability towards your premise if I had not spend a whole summer watching the republican party doing nothing but try to associate President Obama with everyone. Let’s see:

    he had to be a Muslim because of his middle name.
    he had to hate America because he knew Rev. Wright.
    he had to be a criminal because he came from Chicago (this episode is just another do over, in my eyes).
    he had to be a celebrity because the world treated him like a rock star.
    he had to be Moses because people listen to him
    he had to be a terrorist because he knew Bill Ayers

    I am not listening to that nonsense or eating that meat. I have had enough with the republican party’s guilt by association. While they are busy studying what President Obama did or did not do or did or did not know, why no comment about Norm Coleman who is running for a senate seat in MN and being investigated by the same FBI?

    So if we are going to use logic to judge who might be stirring the pot of this non guilt being turned into wanna be guilt, then it defies logic not to see that this is no more than the same ploy the republicans have been employing all through the general election — keep throwing dirt and hope something stick.

    So far as him being transparent, are you kidding me? Why must he employ that strategy when he has nothing to apologize for? Go ask Bush to be transparent. He has a heaping pile of offenses to explain. President Obama need not play into the republican strategy. They have been asking President Obama to answer them (if not to apologize from one dreamed up offense after another) since the general election. He owes them no more than what he’s giving them. Non-answers. This is not a problem. This situation has more impact with the media and the republican politicians then to many other people. I find my President is handling this situation just the way I like it, his way.

  6. Chamay0,

    “he had to be a Muslim because of his middle name.”

    The Muslim thing was started by the Clinton campaign or its proxies during the primaries and was never a significant effort among the Republicans – though some Islamaphobes in both parties did keep bringing it up

    “he had to hate America because he knew Rev. Wright.”

    Obama did sit through Wright’s America-hating, racist sermons, so his views of America were open to question, as would any candidate’s be who associated with radical racists. Should Obama get different treatment because he and his racist priest are Black?

    “he had to be a criminal because he came from Chicago (this episode is just another do over, in my eyes).”

    Obama is a politician from Chicago, IL and has had repeated dealings with many people who are currently under federal indictment for corruption. Questioning Obama’s involvement seems logical since it’s very hard to be a successful politician in IL without greasing some palms.

    This is quite apropos to the current issue. It is also something that could be put to rest with an open internal review of his staff and a few simple declarative statements. Obama’s refusal to face the issue head on only makes it seem like he has something to hide.

    “he had to be a celebrity because the world treated him like a rock star.
    he had to be Moses because people listen to him”

    Not really guilt by association, but rather commentary on Obama’s campaign. He campaigned like a celebrity and became one. He also used – though I don’t think deliberately created – the quasi-religious, messianic faith of his followers to win the election. It was something that made a lot of us who distrust such mass hysteria very nervous.

    “he had to be a terrorist because he knew Bill Ayers”

    The Republicans as a whole – there are surely some exceptions, probably subscribers to the 1st point above regading Obama being a Muslim – never said Obama was terrorist. We rightfully said that he willingly and repeatedly associated with them in the form of Ayers and representatives from HAMAS.

    Face it – Ayers was a terrorist and Obama associated with him repeatedly if sporadically over the course of a decade or more. A lot of us would never do such a thing. I know I would only associate with Ayers long enough to kill him and his wife.

    “Why must he employ that strategy when he has nothing to apologize for? “

    What apology? All Obama has to do is to stop tap dancing and face the issue directly. If he’s clean – which the FBI tapes strongly suggest – then he has no reason to dissemble. If some of his staff aren’t clean, then he should find them and do what’s proper and necessary.

    The more he sidesteps and fails to answer direct questions with direct and truthful – the previous lies by his staff really hurt this time – answers, the worse it will look if the FBI or someone else later finds out that one or more of his staff were involved in this or other corruption relating to Blagovitch or Resko.

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