Rep. Jackson: ‘I reject and denounce pay-to-play politics’

December 11, 2008

Can you hear the drum beat of guilt by association? I won’t lie and pretend I know where Rep. Jackson’s ethnics really lie, since I’m not a follower; but, this is getting pretty intense.

First off, I don’t remember this kind of crap going on with Ted Stevens.  Secondly, even though empty headed Barbie was a part of Stevens PAC group and endorsed him there was no out cry over her association. But now it’s a democrat my goodness the party must be tainted.  How utterly pathetic that we have to listen to this crap.  I have a simply philosophy either show me the money (proof) or get out of my face.

Damn this is going to be a long 8 years of President Obama’s administration. Is this what we can expect to listen to from the GOP? Are they trying to make us hate them by default? I have had a enough regarding this stupid double standard.   Didn’t they get the message?  We are tired of the same old politics.  I think they need to spend more time on fixing the mess their party leader (Bush) has left our country in, currently known as utter destruction.

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