Buchanan Justifies GOP’s Slurs Using Obama’s Middle Name

December 12, 2008

This is why I hate republicans.  Specifically pundits.   What disingenuous BS. Buchanan listed three presidents who did not use their middle names.  Might I boldly ask, what the F##k about the rest of them B?

I get so tired of pretending that what happened did not happen. The GOP used President Obama’s middle name as a torch for hatred.   I am not even going near that pitcher serving this kool-aid.  Now that President Obama is free of the restraint of not using his middle name (considering Barack was enough for the wing nut tribe) Buchanan has a problem with him using it during his inauguration?  Pathetic. To pretend it has not been done before in the past of our previous presidents is just a lie.  Oh yea, right.  We dumb azz Americans are so stupid and can be told any thing.  We need their guidance.  Forget the fact we need them to do what the hell we pay them for, fix the damn economy.

It’s time to take names down and make an effort to get people fired.  Sort of like us.  Let’s start assessing their jobs and get rid of those that are failing miserably.  IT’S ABOUT THE ECONOMY STUPID!!!

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