Did Bush Become President So He Could Destroy America?

December 12, 2008

Now here’s a cause to be fighting — Bush. Um…the only thing I hear from the republican party concerning this disaster is crickets. No comment seems to be the republican party’s response where Bush is concern. Bush is the irony of the republican party that just keeps on giving.

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  1. It sure seems like it, doesn’t it? Bush seems to do everything he can to work against our country’s best interests. Why? This guy is not only an idiot, but he’s also dangerous. Thankfully we don’t have to put up with him much longer.

  2. Miss Austin Gal,
    I’ll bet you drive a Toyota! I’ll also bet you couldn’t name your states two U.S. Senators. So many people I hear talk about their country,drive foreign cars and were Obama supporters. The ones that are dangerous are the Keith Olbermanns of the world who pretend they love their country and only serve up hate. Listen to people like him and you will see they very seldom talk anything positive.After socialists take over this country and we slide in the toilet, you all will be wondering what happened. You all will be able to enjoy “your” country with ownership of everything belonging to the Chinese and Japanese.

  3. Don’t know if you will read this post Mr. Adams, but don’t even think to give me that crap you gave one of my commenters. I know my damn senators and have no foreign cars. More to the point, whether the commenter has a foreign car or not is beside the point since they are living in this messed up economy and is an AMERICAN right along with the rest of the poor and middle class that are suffering.

    No one cares about your opinion regarding Keith Olbermann, like all of us, you have the power to change the channel and not listen. I guess real positive people would be those speaking so much love on Fox Fake News, huh? Nevertheless, even that sentiment has not one damn thing to do with our current economy.

    As far as democrats’ socialism taking over our government, well you are damn late with that assessment, dumb Bush has beat all democrats to achieving that Nirvana.

    Either be a solution to the problem or move out of the way. Beating the wing nut tribes’ drum is not helping.

    By the way you are also included in another one of my other post for your sheer arrogance that we are all so asinine and stupid: Jobless Claim.

  4. Mr. Adams, I bet you must not take the blinders off your eyes until watching Fox fake news. Bush has been taking money from the people and giving it to the elite. That my friend is a sick form of socialism. Your are on some strong s#*t coming in here with trying to say their is something positive about the bush legacy. It is also your dam buddy bush who’s economic policy is enabling the Japanese and Chinese to have ownership here already.

    The answer to the titles question is ….FOR SURE AND HE IS STILL DESTROYING IT AS WE SPEAK AND WON’T STOP TILL HES OUT OF HERE….38 days to go.
    Another good post girl 🙂

  5. I must say I chuckled reading Greg’s post and the follow-up comments (you go, chamayo and ggita!). I happen to love Toyotas! I drive an 11 year old Mercedes that I bought from an American on Craigslist (so it kept the American economy going). I haven’t bought an American car since I had one years ago and it was a piece of crap. Our automakers need to make cars that people would actually want to buy. I don’t consider it un-American buying a car that actually lasts. That’s smart!

    I love Keith Olbermann! At least he tells the truth, unlike so many people who spout lies (Fox News comes to mind). And Keith is passionate about what he says. He doesn’t hate America…he is passionate about it. Do you even listen to what he actually says?

    The Chinese and Japanese already own a HUGE amount of American debt. And who got us in that position? Yes, boys and girls…GEORGE W. BUSH. Obama will have to get us out of all of Bush’s damn messes.

    Mr. Adams, you are truly uninformed and brainwashed by the Republicans to come in and say all you said. Obama is the most intelligent President we have had since…who? He is brilliant, calm, inclusive, and is surrounding himself with other people who are also brilliant, calm, and inclusive. What a refreshing change from the Bush/Cheney mafia!

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