Republican Crooks are Okay?

December 12, 2008

As this week has turned into a Balagojevich fest, why is there so little mention or coverage, for that matter, in regards to the FBI investigation against Norm Coleman?

While the republican party is practicing their usual game of North against South (or the good old southern boys) by screwing the American workers, and screaming how they plan to make the selection of Eric Holder a nightmare where is there moral compass when it comes to the dirt in their own back yard?

So its unacceptable as a practice to say out loud and up front you want money (Balagojevich); but its an acceptable practice for a person (Nasser Kazeminy) to funnel campaign funds ($75,000) to a candidate via his wife?  When in fact part of said funds paid for the renovation of that candidate’s (Norm Coleman) home?  Hello?  What’s wrong with the picture?  Got it, it’s wrong if you’re a democrat, but perfectly acceptable if you are a republican.  BS!

Everyday I am finding more and more reasons to disdain the republican politicians.

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