Republicans plan to obstruct Big 3 Bailout

December 12, 2008

Nothing says it like a video. The republicans fight against the unions is just sick.  Sure the unions are not all they are cracked up to be, but dammit, neither is our government.  It’s a matter of tolerance.  Yet, I can’t help but realize that at this defining moment of our economic meltdown I am not willing to listen to how can we not pay Americans? Can we find a way to say not pay a foreign country? I will say no more because it only makes my blood boil.

These politicians from the GOP side are making me sick. No I do not believe all republicans are so pathetic, but right now? They need to do the right thing and stop pushing this F##king BS.  Can we have these greedy, line my pocket politicians (inclusive of Democrats) work for us for once?  The GOP spent the whole campaign trail trying to paint President Obama as “the other,” had their party leader lead us into the toilet, are now on a campaign of painting President Obama as tainted (guilt by association), trying to destroy an American industry and have completely ignored how Bush is trying to rewrite history, while turning a blinds eye to needs of our country.  Can the American people get a break from this type of nonsense and make a politicians job about serving our purpose?

Got dammit, there is a crisis going on.  Stop with the stupid, republicans, and get the F##k on point about what is going on.  No body cares that McCain did not win (you all hated him anyway).  We want focus on what the hell is really going on.  No more financial bailout.  Obviously they do not work.  They are the ones firing everyone.  Save the auto industry to stop the out pouring of blood (job loss).  Can’t you just for once come off of your own stupid agendas?

Oh yea, this is my last post to my last post, maybe.

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