Blagojevich meets with R. Kelly’s Lawyer

December 14, 2008

APTOPIX Illinois GovernorNow there’s a winner for you.  How long did R. Kelly’s lawyer, Ed Genson,  stretch that case?  For years.  Although I think R. Kelly also got off because of his public appeal (which I did not share).  I don’t see how that will work for some one who has only a 13% approval rating.

The Democratic governor had a four-hour meeting with Ed Genson in the lawyer’s downtown office Saturday. Genson has defended newspaper baron Conrad Black, R&B singer R. Kelly and numerous public figures on corruption charges, earning a reputation as the lawyer big shots call when they get in a bind in Chicago.


One comment

  1. Gensen sure represents some winners, doesn’t he? I love R. Kelly’s voice, but won’t buy another CD of his. I truly think he’s guilty. Everyone has rights, but it still seems wrong to let a child molester go free just as it seems wrong to let someone go free who has used his power in other ways to take advantage of people.

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