Leaked GOP Memo Suggests Auto Bailout Bill was Killed for Political Reasons

December 14, 2008

The republicans need to stop with the “let’s blame the American Unionized Workers” for the bill not passing. This is where the American people starts getting tired with the republicans playing games with our economy. They had already decided to defeat the bill as a reason to strike back at the democrats winning the election and show their slowly dying clout.  Over the weekend they have been singing the song of how it was not about the unions and that GM needs to file for chapter 11.  Why?  That would also bring a blow to the union and once again destroy people lives.  Oh the games the republicans keep playing.  It would be nice if it did not involve real people’s lives.

Once again, I am confronted with another reason to despise the republican party and their old school way of doing politics.   What the hell is wrong with the South? Are there no young republican politicians?   Why do they keep voting in these ancient people that are clueless and show by their vote how willing they are to play with aiding and abetting in the collapse of our economy?

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  1. It is so simple to see what is going on. The republican party has always been anti union. Thaye have been in the business of busting unions. They are still in the process of crushing them along with the working class. When will “we the people” realize this?

  2. The US auto industry is in shambles and there is a big mess coming Toyota’s way also. Is it time to get our house in shape?/ This article makes the situation so clear…..


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