President-Elect Obama’s Weekly Address

December 14, 2008

I really do appreciate President Obama making these weekly addresses; especially, in the absence of my current president, Bush, being ever so silent.

Do I give a damn about the so called Balagojevich scandal and the nonexistent connection to President Obama? No.  Ain’t got time for BS.   It’s all about the economy.

This week President Obama’s topic was the housing crisis and who his new Department of Housing and Urban Development is, Shaun Donovan. Considering that the housing bubble started this mess, it is only fitting that we fix that situation asap.

Hey, I work in an industry that I thought was pretty much untouchable, Legal. Well I’m watching some of the biggest close up shop or shrink considerably and its got me quaking.  My own firm has tighten its belt and has a freeze on everything, as they should.  But right now the potential of more people losing jobs is ever present and being reported weekly.

I need to know that this President Obama is working (even though right now it’s not his job to be working).  When people talk about him hitting the ground running, they are not kidding.   As soon as his inauguration is done and he has attended his party, he literally needs to get everything going at once.  He does not have until the end of January.  He has to start achieving by January 21.  Not in some idealistic role of cure all that is hurting us; but that he is putting forth plans to start resolving our urgent problems.

At this point in time it is not about the major corporations having more and more tax breaks (that has already been proven as non effective).   It’s about middle America being able to keep those corporate fools in business.  It is now a matter of fixing what ails the people, not the major corporations.

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