Sunday morning News

December 14, 2008

So the same old stories continue…. Is President Obama

  • pushing the left away?
  • derailed by Balagojevich’s scandal?
  • capable of solving America’s problems?
  • going to be given the amount he needs for a stimulus?
  • going to be allowed to rule and the republicans get out of the way?

Sort of blah, blah, blah… I think its time for a new scandal.  Not connected to President Obama.  But, as we have recently learned from the media, it’s doesn’t need to be connected in order for connection to exist.

I just want the republicans to keep foaming at the mouth.  At least until after enough time — maybe a year — of foaming at the mouth and no reaction from the public they will either quit the nonsense or end up in the crazy house where they belong.


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