Beck: No one is talking about ‘real issues’ like Sarah Palin’s church being burned down.

December 16, 2008

Why are all the crazies on the radio? Has Glen Beck completely lost his mind?

Empty headed Barbie’s church burning down should be the most important news, not page one of course. Her church burning down is the real issue?

What the hell is wrong with him? We have people being killed over hatred that supersede a church that burned down with no deaths.

Burning down a church is always a bad thing, but it is not the real issue; unless you plan to look at the hate that incited it.

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  1. Love your blog!

    We think alike

    Care to exchange reciprocal links?


  2. I’ve read your site. I support Obama. Your site does not. Tell me, what do we have in common?

  3. Looks like she needs another laying on of hands prayer to exorcise more demons…… sorry Iris, I just had to go there…..

  4. Nancy Goldfarb Thinks


    aaahhh jeez another one, why do I just keep going there????

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