Bush On Economy And Iraq: Don’t Blame Me!

December 17, 2008

Bush is just too much.  He wants to make sure that the CIA never makes this mistake again.  Now we are suppose to forget that it was his neocon hawks that wrote the report?  Did we dream all those TV appearances of Cheney crying out about Iraq having WMDs?  Of course none of it was his fault.  The war with Iraq or the economy.  Him and Cheney, who by the way is singing a different story, are just two blameless lame ducks.  Lame ducks? Yes.  Blameless?  Hell no.

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  1. And ChamayO ….let’s don’t forget all that cherry picking of intelligence by the now defunct Office of Special Plans….Bush Administration officials also took some actions that arguably crossed the line between rigorous oversight of the intelligence community and an attempt to manipulate intelligence. They set up their own shop in the Pentagon, called the Office of Special Plans, in order to sift through the information on Iraq themselves. To a great extent OSP personnel “cherry-picked” the intelligence they passed on, selecting reports that supported the Administration’s pre-existing position and ignoring all the rest.

    And let’s not forget all that unconstitutional violation of our 4th amendment in his illegal wiretapping of all US citizens phone calls, faxes and emails since Feb. 2001 by NSA that Bush unlawfully ordered. Yes you read right, before 9/11 Bush ordered the NSA to wiretap…..why would he do that? This was before 9/11 and according to the official record we didn’t expect them to use airplanes and fly into a building. But what about “Project Bojinka” ? a terrorist plan to fly planes into the world trade center discovered in 1995.

    I could go on i.e., some in the Bush administration staff put on Cipro Sept. 11,2001 prior to the anthrax attacks …..but I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Thanks Mike. I am really looking forward to reading your links in the morning (got to get ready for bed to go to work). You have your facts together. Ever thought about blogging or guest blogging? I could use some constructive help. Have a new site me and my partner are developing and we could use the help. Think about it. No pay involved right now, but maybe one day.

  3. Thank you ChamayO ….I do check my facts before I post anything. You can google the text of my links and get a lot more websites to read more about the subject on each link.

    I do contribute to one blog here on WordPress….I’m not near as good a journalist as you are…..I would count it a privilege to occasionally guest blog for you….I will warn you, as you know by now I am neither Republican or Democrat. I like you am disgusted with both. I have posted several critical posts on Obama and a couple against Republicans just to show I’m not just against Democrats.

    You can check out my articles here:

    After you do that then tell me if you want me to guest blog at times or not. I cover a lot of topics that you won’t read in mainstream media, but to me are very important, just like your recent article about the police.

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