Last Post of the Night: I live in NY — Caroline Kennedy

December 17, 2008

ck-largeI live in NY and am considered one of the people who could vote Caroline Kennedy into office.  Is she qualified?  Just as much as Hillary was.  I find myself being inspired by her inspiration from President Obama.  I know President Obama inspired me and turned me into a contributor for the first time.  I can fully believe that he inspired her to take an active role in our destiny as a country.

I would vote for Caroline in a minute.  I know of her hard work of getting money for New York City’s public schools and her books which only highlight her brilliance.  She is more than capable of fighting the battle of winning votes and fighting for the people.  That’s the part that really got me.  She wants to fight for my rights and that gets my vote every time.

I know there are doubters, but so what?  The crap I had to listen to regarding President Obama is much more overwhelming then what they will ever probably say about Caroline.

The Clinton supporters that want to argue the issue?  Screw them, they couldn’t even get Hillary into the white house as president.  Obviously they are not in tune with the people.  Caroline is not just her name (Kennedy), but so much more.  She represent all that is good about New York.

To put it in a nutshell, the lady got skills and I’d vote for any day.  Just like we voted for Hillary who didn’t even live here or have experience.

Enough said.


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