KO – Has Bush Kept America Safe?

December 18, 2008

More Bush BS from me. Well the media won’t correct the nonsense Bush is perpetrating. They are too focused on making scandal out of non-scandal concerning President Obama and Blago. Please.

This whole mentality that the American people are stupid is just tiresome and not worth listening to. I would rather hear about the current president and his rewriting of his history.   Especially, since Bush has no intention of doing anything about our current economic situation and have only focused on deregulating laws that have been on the books for decades or years to protect us.

Bush kept us safe? Who the hell is Bush kidding. I want to be kept safe to travel to Rome, Paris and other countries and not get killed.  What about all the American lives that have been lost due to Bush keeping us safe?

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  1. KO – Has Bush Kept America Safe?

    And who was president on Sept 11, 2001?????????

  2. Bush has kept America safe since 9/11.


    What about the Antrax attacks

  3. Yea what about it. That’s just another one of those things that has been proved not have come from Iraq. In fact the FBI still can’t get that one straight.

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