The Media Push

December 18, 2008

barack_obama_by_zeushadesposeidon1Artist site is here.

Now that President Obama has released the fact that he will be releasing the information that the foaming-at-the-mouth press has been requesting, there is still no peace.  Another day of nit picking.  Today’s topic is…President Obama will be on vacation when the information is released.  What part of he is not involved is not being comprehended by the press?

Have the press no comprehension that the public is tired of their insinuations and would like for them to be about the business of real news?  I would like to know what is going on with the auto bailout, or what’s happening on Wall Street, or what the banks are not doing, etc.  This daily grind about what may or may not have happened with President Obama’s transition team is ad nausea at best.

Bush, mean time back in the world of reality,  is doing nothing about anything regarding this economic meltdown.  Do I hear anything from the press?  Yea, crickets.

Let me remind the press of who President Obama is since they have, obviously, forgotten:


Enough said.



  1. Ahhh My style, Everyone just chill the fuck out I got this…… Love it

  2. I have arrived at the conclusion that the media loves building people up just so they can tear them down. I’m just as over it as you are.

  3. The media, I feel, just don’t know who to serve. They can’t decide whether they should serve us, with real news, or their talking nonsense points. I, for one, would just like to hear the news as it is occurring daily, Not pet peeve projects.

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