Last Post of the Night: Bush and the Auto Industry

December 19, 2008

Bush is unfuc__ng believable. I am now pissed with Bush’s nonsense.  What is up with this current state of affairs?  If he is not going to help the auto industry, then say so. This whole premise of Bush will help but, guess what?  He didn’t really mean it.  Is the man an idiot and think we are stupid (I thought we proved that we are far from stupid).  Or is it just Bush’s way of saying F-you?  Come on, the fact that Bush and et. al have killed our children, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and friends with his needless war, we are really going to let him get away with messing with other real people’s lives (auto industry)?

I can hardly blame GM or Chrysler for closing down in a month. What else can they do to avoid going completely out of business? They have to close down until the new president take office. How are we tolerating this crap?  Then to put the topping on the cake, we had that babbling english mangling jerk  Bush all over the TV talking about how he does not want to leave a mess for his successor?  Hello?  Iraq, Afghanistan, trillions of dollars of debt, economic meltdown, etc., etc., etc.  What the hell is he talking about?  Bush has supersede leaving a mess a long time ago.  The man is a criminal at best.

This is only another reason why I despise the Bush administration and the media.  Back in the land of reality, Bush is busy rescinding laws that were put into place to protect our rights and endangered species.  Yet, at the same time he is taking no action towards our economic slide?  Much less being effective at anything that could assist in getting our nation out of this mess?

Then you have the media who are so busy wrapped up in spreading unsubstantiated President Obama taint; especially since Halperin decided that the media has been too easy on investigating President Obama.  Let’s not look at the fact that Halperin told McCain to play the race card.  Oh, no.  He’s a respected reporter (that spends way too much time reading the DRUDGE Report).   Now all I hear day in and day out is how President Obama is linked to Blago or how Obama has the liberal progressive in an up roar over __________ (fill in the blank).   Let’s remember the microscope the media had up President Obama’s back side while they took us all down that road of “WHO IS HE.”

We get no news about what the hell is going on (exception to Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow).  This is acceptable?  The media is starting to sound like a broken record.  We just let this go on because…

This is BS.  I do not want to hear about Blago and stupid Rick Warren. I want to know what other criminal acts Bush is committing and I want to know what he is not dealing with that really is affecting our future.  The media has 4 years to spread their taint about president Obama, but in the mean time the public need news.  I should not have to search the Internet for news.  Of course if the cable news channels are just babbling monkeys reciting lines for the sole purpose of throwing mud, well then…

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UPDATE:  Bush has finally made a decision (more looking out for his legacy) and have agreed to give the temporary bailout to the auto industry, $17 billion.  $13 billion now and another $4 billion in February.  Thank goodness it is done.  For once I can give him one pitiful merit for his otherwise shameful, disgusting and complete failure of a legacy

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