Obama’s Invocation Choice: Rick Warren

December 19, 2008

I felt it was only fitting that I let those that object Rick Warren not be subjected to my bias opinion, but, listen to someone else who has their own bias opinion.

I still stand firm on the fact that, considering all the other problems going on, that President Obama selected Rick Warren does not bother me.   I do not see Obama changing his own viewpoint based off of reaching out a hand to the opposing side. Nor do a lot of my gay friends that have what the hell is going on foremost in their mind.

For all of those that are stressing how President Obama did not reach out his hands to a racist — well maybe they declined the invitation? Rick Warren only went in the dog house when he opposed Proposition 8, doubtless I am on plenty of sh_t list for my objection to the wing nut tribe.   So what.  Do I expect them all to hate me, goodness I hope not.  At some point we have got to break the ice and really start reaching for a meeting of the mind.

But me and my gay friends agree that if President Obama wanted to move the media off the page of him being embroiled in Blago’s criminal activities, this sure did the trick.  Hm…I wonder?

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One comment

  1. Yeh Warrens a religious fraud but come on folks, chill the f*#k out, I’m quite sure Obama’s got this one too…

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