Warren insists he is not homophobic.

December 19, 2008

Granted President Obama’s selection of Rick Warren has the left and right in an uproar, but I just don’t feel their pain.  I have friends that are gay and friends that do not agree with the gay life style.  I have no intention of shutting out either group from my life.  Those that are opposed to the gay peoples life style have agreed to disagree with me and we share what we have in common. Plenty of them have gay friends.

I personally feel that gay people’s right (along with abortion) should never be put on a political table because it is more of a cultural war than something that can be solved by politics. Every person should have civil rights to live their life (that is not harmful to others) any way they see fit.  Yet, I have friends that do not feel that way.   It does not make me dislike them or force me to preach to them.  I accept them as they are as long as they can accept me the way I am.

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It seems to me that the bigger picture President Obama is portraying is to move away from the hate and start making head ways in solving some of our bigger problems which we all have in common.


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