Gun Control? Are you kidding?

December 20, 2008

I’ve given it some thought about the whole big deal over gun control and the NRA’s fight with the new president elect over banning guns.  I see no problem.  Yet when the gun owners look like this:


I don’t want to hear one damn peek.  It’s about our rights to bear arms and I will not be feeling anyone when they don’t like who is owning those guns.  You can not have it both ways in my world.  You own them then so do they and they have just as much right to protect their freedom.  Got it?

bp-more-gunsKatrina is a reminder that we all need to own guns.  Especially if you have militia going around shooting innocent people under the guise of pretending that helping the drowning was the equivalent of rebuffing robbers.  Well some times people need to shoot back.



  1. I don’t see any problem with Obama and gun ownership. The hype that Obama was accused in taking way gun ownership was only coming from the “right wing nut jobs”. Obama only wants common sense regulation concerning gun ownership and I’m behind him 200% on this also. So everyone, chill the f*^k out. He’s got this one too. 🙂

    I own six guns, am licensed to carry a concealed hundgun, shoot regularly at a range and believe that gun ownership is a right and a neccesity in todays world for all people with common sense regulation as Obama supports. I would hate to see gun ownership for “the people” be outlawed. As you have pointed out Iris, it would leave the government, law enforcemnet and criminals armed and “the people” as the subjects. That is the reason I stand strongly for the right of the people to bear arms. There is no hate in my blood about this issue. I have every right as any body else has every right to be able to protect themselves when the need arrives. We all know that the police only react to crime and are not our protectors as they might have us believe. They are only the protectors of the system. And their reaction time is getting slower and slower as the economy forces local government to cut back and layoff police. Police layoffs are happening all around me. The economy is falling apart. people are getting desparate and some folk would have the police and military the only one armed???? Sounds Crazy to me why they would want an enviroment like that. Can we say dictatorship real loud… 🙂

    I clearly remember the Black Panther movement and yes they were armed but had it not been for them taking up arms against the evil, there would have been much more violence commited against African Americans in those days. We need more citizens like them today. As you also pointed out. Law enforcement went bonkers in New Orleans. I remember reading about the autrocities that the racist cops commited there. The government rarely does much to racist cops so “the people” have to.

    OK girl go buy a gun, and as you say enough said.

  2. “Obama only wants common sense regulation”

    You can’t be serious. Common sense regulation to Obama is himself and other elites are protected by armed law enforcement and the rest of us are thrown to the wolves. This man is on record stating he believed the DC gun ban was constitutional. That means he believes we have no rights to ownership and thus protection. He beleives the government can outlaw guns completely.

    The 2nd amendment was written into the Constitution because the writers knew that people like Obama would come along.

  3. The NRA marched with the Black Panthers in Sacramento against gun control.



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