Rick Warren on gays, their immaturity and desire for multiple partners

December 20, 2008

Okay I am getting tired of listening to Rick Warren’s opinion towards homosexuality.  I don’t care.  The man is stupid in that area. He is completely ignorant where this is concern. No different than dumb azz Ted Haggard who is fighting his homosexual demons but plans to come out with a HBO movie explaining his down fall.

I know for a fact that if it is a man and a woman then plenty of man like to explore other fits that they might get into (trying to be polite).  So I am not buying the theory of women and man are a perfect fit sexually.

The man’s an idiot when it comes to sex and there is no disputing that fact. As far as him speaking at President Obama’s inauguration?   Still don’t care.   I have no intentions of going anywhere to see him speak, nor do I plan to listen to any of his backward opinion when it comes to equality.

Yet, I still feel President Obama is correct to be inclusive of our enemy.  It is a historical night and the best way to undermine your opposition is to invite them to the party.  Whether we like it or not, we are going to have to create a dialogue to get to a point of where we agree to disagree (translation = minding our own business and leaving other people’s lives alone).

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UPDATE: Did I mention he was an idiot and will probably spend eternity toasting marshmallows in hell?



  1. Nothing is more immature than fundamentalist religious belief.

  2. When Obama invited this “christian” to his speak at his inauguration, he invited a man who believes the Q-community are INFERIOR; “less than”. Let’s quit sugar-coating these turds! Being asked to “respect other’s opinions” doesn’t fly when those “opinions” are harmful lies about an entire segment of the population. Those “opinions” are tantamount to the extremely offensive beliefs and ideas our country once had about “negros” and “wives”, words and ideas that would NEVER FLY TODAY at an inauguration.

    Words and ideas that would incite riots today.

    When Rick “defined” our entire Q-community, it became clear that HE was the one suffering from immaturity, since he clearly limits his entire WORLD VIEW of homo-lovin-ality as 20-something, single and horned-up gay men.

  3. No I do not sugar coat one thing Rick Warren thinks are says. Nor am I ignorant of my own history being black (so please don’t go there). Yet I see Rick Warren as nothing. I find him a person of no interest, no value, no ideas or person of growth.

    I will never give him praise or a forum for his belief without ridicule. But, I just think different than others when it comes to President Obama. I see that most things that he do is for a deeper reason. He can prove me wrong, no doubt. Yet, I prefer to believe he is doing what is unthinkable for a deeper reason. I just prefer to see things play out before I get disgusted.

    I already know that Rick Warren is less than a dog turd and have the mentality of a bias pig. I am more interested and seeing what the real plan is for using a turd like Rick Warren. What is the goal.

    If you are upset because I refuse to give President Obama hell over his selection, oh well. I just see President Obama as a true general and I would rather see what the plan is and that plan’s outcome before I start calling him insulting names.

    We all know that the wing nut tribe members are as backwards as they have led our country. But I would rather see what President Obama’s plan is with dealing with this bigoted, racist group of people.

    But thanks for your thoughts and most of what you had to say was true. Yet, I do not see anything about President Obama as a continuation of President Bush so I have no fears. But what I do know is that those bigots, racist and haters still exist and I would just like to see how it play out with out all the screaming.

    Let me put it more bluntly, I still trust in President Obama and have enough tolerance to wait and see what this is all about. Being a person that have suffered great persecution I need no one to tell me what I have gone through and what my choice should be. I air my feelings freely, but I do not tell people to STFU over such a sensitive subject. Please do not do the same to me.

    I also have plenty of friends that feel the same way. We look for deeper meaning. We judge the racist, bigoted and hateful swiftly. But we do not do the same for those that have a different agenda.

  4. I have no problem in Obama choosing Warren as he did. He is part of America, as bigoted and foolish as he is but part of America. Shows to me Obama is open minded and and has the attributes of… you’ve heard it before…… being fair and balanced. Go ahead and bash Warren for he deserves it but leave Obama the hell out of it……

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