The Auto Industry?

December 20, 2008

gmcarsI’m wondering if our auto industry in the future will just be called auto industries?  Now is the time for growth.  The auto industry have some of the greatest builders.  Might we not use them to help with upgrading our train industry?  I feel that their restructure under President Obama will possibly take a new direction.  Not just green cars but for other modes of transportation.  President Obama is very future oriented and I can easily see him directing the auto industry into the future.

I am waiting with anticipation of where our new auto industry will be headed.  All it takes is vision and the new President has plenty of that.  President Obama’s election is almost like Neil Armstrong walking on the moon in my eyes.  The things we can do and the places we can go.  President Obama makes it all seem possible.  Of course after Bush (with his ever present Bible) all things seem possible.


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