Explaing His Own Recession

December 21, 2008

While everyone is busy trying to forge ahead and make some progress towards differences, changes and growth you have Bush. There he is laid back discussing a problem his sorry butt is suppose to be solving. What? That B is still on the clock collecting a pay check. Him trying to repair his legacy is an exercise in futility if all he’s going to do is just use words to try to rewrite the truth. Might I suggest he get up off his behind and do more and cut the crap of rewriting laws that will only leave us in a worst state.

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  1. Girl, do you know who Bush reminds me of?

    Have you ever seen a clip from the funniest videos where someone taped a monkey sitting in a tree. For some reason the monkey sticks his finger into his own butt and then sniff’s it, and knocks himself out by his own smell, then falls out the tree. HAHHAHAH

    Yea Bush reminds me of that monkey, but the difference between that monkey and Bush is………HELL NOTHING!

    Do you think I am being to harsh on the monkey comparing him to Bush? 😀

  2. I needed a good laugh and you gave it to me Heavenly. Thanks for being you. No I think you are being on point. Of course the monkey deserves better but you were on point in your comparison.

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