Joe Biden On This Week “We’ve Created More Terrorists”

December 21, 2008

Yes I do see George of ABC more as a gossip columnist than a serious reporter. He spends way too much time at playing gotcha games then dealing with real issues.  Having said that, here we have Biden discussing what all of us in America should know by now.  VP Cheney was operating with a false sense of what executive power means (of course with the blessing of Bush). The dumb part is watching George sit there acting like Cheney has done nothing wrong; especially since Cheney has shamed our country.

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Then you had the constitution shredder Cheney himself on the Sunday News with Chris Wallace (pay back for the compliment Chris Wallace gave him) preaching the absolute power of the executive branch and how the administration is above the law.  Of course this crap did not work for Nixon who found out that such is not the case.   Commander and Chief should not be synonymous with criminal activity.  There was no justification for us being in Iraq.  Cheney may have deluded himself into believing that the lie of WMD should hold firm, but the rest of the country knows better.  In Cheney’s world I guess we should just do away with Congress and the Courts, as well as the constitution when it comes to the Executive Branch having powers.

How long before the prosecution of Bush, Cheney and et. al?  It is only a matter of just where the Justice Department wants to take it.  No wonder they want to hold up Eric Holder selection.  All signs from the Obama transition team is that they will not pump it up but will allow it to happen.  Good.  The American people need justice and allowing Bush and Cheney to go unscathed for crimes that were committed is unacceptable.  The American people asked Bush to govern our country, not destroy it with dreams of dictator grandeur.

Here’s a video that’s more in line with Cheney’s way of thinking.  Yes it has been spliced up to give an appearance of what Cheney is thinking, but I think its a damn good job of portraying Cheney’s mind set (h/t teleomorph):



  1. Just wait until 1/20/09.

  2. With great anticipation and hope do I long for that day.

  3. The war crimes are being excused even by the religious right I see (no surprise to me). Or can we excuse them based on some scripture taken out of context from the Bible? I’m sure some mega church master manipulator called a preacher could….. they even teach their dumbed down flock to do the same.

    Cheney and Bush have trashed this nation economically and morally. Obama has little chance to get anything resolve by 1/20/2010 because of the total negligence of the current administration.

    It will share the pleasure with Chamayo to see Bush and Cheney leave office and be replaced by someone who is much more competent and intelligent. They should be leaving in hand cuffs.

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