Say NO to the Union Boss Bailout

December 21, 2008

I just love the names that these groups give themselves. Americans for blah, blah, blah.  Oh, really?  How come we don’t have catchy names for groups against the rich? Banks? Or, Wall Street?   What a pack of crap.  We are busy being in the depths of hell (ask Dante) and this is who we are fighting? The American workers? For real?

Now all our problems can be traced back to middle class Americans asking for decent wages, health care and retirement funds? WTF?  Now I should believe this crap because they tried to link it to Salazar? Hm…wonder if that had anything to do with President Obama naming him as part of his cabinet? You think?

More importantly, the sharks of housing loans had nothing to do with the mortgage situation? Greedy brokers had nothing to do with our economic meltdown? The senate had nothing to do with making sure nothing got done with their pork loving azzes? Please.  Say we are not so gullible to believe crap like this.

This is just another reason why I continue to dislike republicans.

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One comment

  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSS my point. BIG THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!!!! The people that deserve bailouts are getting the shaft (the working and middle class). That is exactly why the current bailouts will never solve the economic mess we are in. The reality of these bailouts are nothing more than the last term presidential looting of America. Bush could care less about how the economy is for “we the people”. He could care less about our future president or the future of this country……

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