How do we really feel about Cheney?

December 22, 2008

artcheney1giIn a recent CNN pool 1 out of every 5 person found Cheney to be the worst vice president ever (23%) and another 41% found he was a poor vice president.  Giving Cheney’s overall percentage as 64% that found he was not a good vice president.

What is even more stunning about this poll is that any one thought we needed a poll to come to this conclusion?  The only one singing Cheney’s praises is the wing nut tribe with a few hawkish republicans throw in for good measure.

Cheney still has a lot of fans in the Republican party. Most Republicans nationwide said Cheney had been a good veep,” Holland adds. “But six in ten independents and eight in ten Democrats gave Cheney a rating of ‘poor’ or ‘worst ever.'”

Enough said.



  1. I’d generally consider Cheney a less than stunning VP and a less than successful handler of Bush Jr.. Though as assassination-proofing for Bush he was stellar, absolutely stellar.

    Only Obama has done better in regards to assassination proofing himself, since we’d have to remove him, Biden, Pelosi, and Clinton to reach a marginally safe zone. LOL

  2. Ah, but did you vote in the poll?

  3. I did now and I was the 1st! 😛

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