Katrina’s Hidden Race War

December 22, 2008

Earlier last week I wrote a post regarding gun control. This is what prompted me to write that post.  The NRA is forever pushing the idea that President Obama has a hidden agenda regarding gun control which is no more than a marketing ploy considering no such agenda exist, I propose more people buy guns and level the playing field against racism.

The outcome of the bigotry and racism in our country led a group of people in New Orleans to kill 11 innocent people (which the exact figure is not really known and could be higher) under the guise of protecting their property during Katrina.  My only goal was that the victims might need to start leveling the playing field and give those that victimize a run for their money.

That this is another chapter in the sad representation of the American people and their propensity towards hate is as sad as it is appalling. This was not a real group of people protecting their property. This was the KKK in action doing what they have missed doing for quite some time, killing people just because…______ (fill in the blank).

As I always feel, nothing shows the truth like a video.  The fact that the truth surrounding Katrina was bad enough, now its compounded by the citizens being as dumb as president Bush.

I am neither shocked or surprise that Louisiana’s broken law enforcement agencies are refusing to investigate the crimes.  After all its not like it was OJ Simpson robbing people to get his own property back and we could use that criminal act to make him pay for a previous crime.  This was serious red necks exercising their rights as citizens.  Thank goodness for the “Color Of Change Organization.”  They are pressing the issue that Gov. Jindal investigate these allegations and are promoting a campaign to bring this situation to the state and federal governments attention.  If you click on the link you too can add your voice.

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  1. No doubt about it, the New Orleans governemnt and law enforcement is a corrupt, racist organization. You are supporting my stance as far as gun control is concerned. There sometimes is a time when we the people must shoot back. Gun ownership not only plays a roll in leveling the playing field against racism but also against the power in government. Your point is very valid. Unfortunately the hate is still very much alive and well in the US. It further divides the people and keeps us from fighting the real enemy. It keeps folk from being close interracially. Think about where the US would be if most people, red and yellow, black, and white joined together and fought the real fight. I believe MLK tried to convey this message to everyone in his time….. but no one cares, no one wants to confront this in an apropriate way. All those wasted years, and who will pay??? It is up to us now…We can choose to instigate or to fight against that which really divides us. Seems to me all people want to do is ignor any direction towards resoltion. It is very complex. Keep up the subject girl. God knows where it might lead.

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