Kristol, once again, I must request that you just shut up!

December 22, 2008

kristol-190aI am starting to wonder if the NYT bothers to read the nonsense that Kristol is writing as a supposed Op-Ed featured writer.  Krisol is hell bent on making sure he is viewed as a babbling fool.  Case in point his latest article, entitled “Popularity Isn’t Everything.”

Now Kristol latest asinine vent is to uplift Cheney as some one you’ve got to love?  But along the way to getting to that elusive point he rambles on about the surge, Rumsfeld, Blago, marriage and Kipling.

The fact that Kristol didn’t even bother to stay on point is obvious and painfully clear.  How else do you explain his jumping all over the place?

Here’s how Jason Linkin of the Huffington Post describes Kristol’s article

  • Bill Kristol watched Fox News Sunday, a show he is on.
  • He recaps a section of the most recent edition of the show he is on.
  • He restates something asinine he said on said show (Dick Cheney telling Pat Leahy to “go fuck himself” is “a beautiful statement of justice.”)
  • He wanders around for a while.
  • “Have I praised the “Surge” in the past five minutes? No? Okay! SURGE!” (Twiddles nipples.)
  • BUT!
  • Rod Blagojevich! He’s been in the news, right?
  • Adds some funny lines from the wiretaps.
  • As noted by others, Blago’s wife is a foul-mouthed Cubs hater.
  • Fills more column space by including several lines of Rudyard Kipling.
  • As noted by others, Blago stopped short of a self-aware line in that poem.
  • As noted by others, HAIRBRUSH JOKE.
  • As noted previously, Blago was on wiretaps.
  • THOUGHTFUL MOMENT: “Hmm. I wonder if Dick Cheney has ever read Kipling?”
  • EUREKA: “Woo! I tied this all together! Off to copyedit.

Enough said.


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