Rahm’s 21 Conversations That Never Happened

December 23, 2008

Now wasn’t this a hot media explosion. The media had a feeding frenzy over this fantasy.

The only problem was that Rahm only had one conversation with Blago and four conservations with Blago’s Chief of staff that did not even suggest there was any wrong doing.

I just love how the media doesn’t bother to check their facts before shoveling crap to the public.

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  1. Are neocons going to get that the election is over and they can stop trying to impeach Obama when he isn’t even President yet? Maybe they are trying to deter from the fact that Rove and the rest of Buscho are all criminals of the worst order. Why is the MSM TV dwelling on non-existent or irrelevant conversations between Rahm and Blagojevich but haven’t mentioned the extremely suspicious plane crash of the RNC’s IT guy, Michael Connell – http://www.sheerprogress.com/?p=1027 (original story at The Free Press, and is also being reported by UPI, local newspapers and even Faux News!)?

    Whenever there is non-news, you can be sure something is being concealed.

  2. P.S. Hit the enter button by accident, before I had a chance to tell you to keep up the great work on this blog.

  3. Well, sadly, the republicans only have this tenuous story to work on and they are going at it like starving dogs go after an old bone. I really think that the vast majority of people, after reading what actually IS on the wiretaps, will conclude this is a typical overblown, waste-of-time story. Don’t we have more important things to worry about, like digging ourselves out of the mess we are in right now?

  4. Yes in the MSM we have no investigative journalists anymore. The MSM just repeat what they are told…they make the news now, buy reporting what they decide to and not reporting whatever they decide and keeping that hidden.

    sheerprogress is right about the Michael Connell plane crash being suspicious….to be exact Mike Connell was warned not to fly before plane crash

  5. The Mike Connell story was hot. My friend Tom had also written (The suspicious, disturbing death of election rigger Michael Connell) an interesting post along the same lines.

    Of course the media doesn’t have time to report real news when there is so much scandal to keep hidden. It seems that the media is busy trying to keep us focused on non-issues, while dismissing real known news (inclusive of our economy).

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